Corporate Philosophy

When people who want to pursue their own potential come together, it is understood that there is something within that organization that resonates. It’s because, above all, they want to pursue their individual missions with excitement and joy. It’s about making “work” something more than just a job, but a self-driven “calling.” We believe in the limitless potential of individuals.
We aim not only to discover and celebrate the unique personalities and potentials of everyone we encounter, but also to discuss dreams and solve social issues. We aspire to be individuals connected by a network of collaboration, sparing no effort or ingenuity for this purpose. Environmental chemical technology alone holds no meaning. Each member of our team desires to contribute to society actively! The unwavering excitement, effort, and trial and error of each day will lead us to become a truly indispensable company in the world. In the new values of society, it is an extremely natural success story, a company where people naturally gather, connect with smiles, and continue to contribute to the company.