• A. The type of business: Circular Economy Technology R&D and Technology Transfer: including facility design and technical guidance, and supportive service for business as venous industry.

    • B. Main Service: To provide the Proprietary Technology to transform a New Multi-functional Composite Material; CircuLite into Unused Resources via Original Recycling System.

    • C. Summary of Technology: We have developed to synthesize a new functional composite material by recycling some characteristical components of various unused waste resources. The recycled product has broad range of pore size distribution and ion exchange capacity derived from its compounded properties. This multi-functional composite material was named CircuLite. It has multiple potential applications as environmental solutions for typical three pollution(air, water and soil).

    • Technology Name: Venous Industrial Processing Technology; VIP-Tech

    • E. Product Name: CircuLite – Functional Material for Water Purification, Deodorization, and Soil Decontamination or Improvement, etc.

  • F. Our Mission: First of all, we would like to focus on contribution to Zero Hunger in the world by our technology. Especially, we believe that CircuLite will provide concrete results and mitigate unsolved emergency issues in the Agricultural Soil Sector in developing countries as below.

    – 1. Improve Physical Property of Soil: Prevent outflow of Chemical Fertilizer or Toxic Materials from existing soil to ground water, soil contamination (Harmful Heavy Metal, Agrochemicals, etc.) and disproportion of soil, and increase Water-Holding Capacity.
    – 2. Improve Chemical Property of Soil: Prevent salt damage, replant failure and soil acidification.
    – 3. Increase Organic Carbon Content: Available to add it on CircuLite.

    – Note: To make these issues possible, we need some partners who can administrate to manage soil analysis and diagnosis.